1965 Ford Mustang Fiberglass Body Parts

Wouldn't it be great to make our dreams come true? For you that are a mustang lover we have the perfect fiberglass parts for your 1965 Ford Mustang Eleanor. It does not matter if your mustang is a fastback, coupe or convertible; we have the body parts for each of them. These fiberglass aftermarket auto body parts also fit your 1966 Ford Mustang.

We manufacture these products in Mexico using the highest quality materials from both, USA and Mexico. All of our products are hand laid mat; they are reinforced with chopped mat, core mat, fiberglass cloth and include the hardware required for installation.

These parts have a white gel coat finish.

As all fiberglass parts, it requires some preparation work before painting. Sanding will be required to achieve the look that will match de balance of your car. There can be minor low spots or a textured edge.

They are like all aftermarket parts, they do have to be fitted and worked to fit your car.

All the 1965 Ford Mustang parts listed below fit the following models:

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback, Coupe and Convertible. 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback, Coupe and Convertible.

1965 Ford Mustang hood

Hood Eleanor style
Part number MSHSS65
Price $600.00

*** Shipping and Handling $170.00

1965 Ford Mustang Hood inside

In this picture you can see the inside part of the hood; it has also the smooth white gel coat finish as the outside.

We did it this way to improve the look of your hood when it is open.

Our hood is reinforced with core mat. This makes the hood stronger and long lasting.

1965 Ford Mustang trunk lid coupe

Trunk Lid for Coupe/Convertible
(Includes the end caps)
Part number MSLTLEC-165
Price $450.00

*** Shipping and Handling $150.00

Picture not available

Trunk Lid for Fastback
(Includes the end caps)
Part number MSSTLEC-1465
Price $430.00

*** Shipping and handling $118.00

1965 Ford Mustang end caps

These end caps are included when you buy the trunk lid.

1965 Ford Mustang front bumper cover

Front bumper cover
Part number MSFBC-6566
Price $290.00

*** Shipping and handling $172.00

Picture not available

Tail light panel
Part number MSTLP-65
Price $180.00

*** Shipping and Handling $67.00

Picture not available

Side exhaust skirts
Part number MSMS65-2
Price $357.00

*** Shipping and Handling $59.00

Picture not available

Rear bumper
Part number MSRB-6566
Price $180.00

*** Shipping and Handling $67.00

Picture not available

Fenders (pair)
Part number MSFE6566-2
Price $700.00

*** Shipping and Handling $170.00

Because of the size of some of the parts, they have to be shipped by truck.

The parts are properly packed to protect them during transportation.

We have negotiated the best shipping rates with the trucking companies; additionally, we do not charge for residential delivery.

These shipping rates are for delivery in any of the 48 contiguous states of the United States. Alaska, Puerto Rico and any other country please contact us for a quotation on the freight.

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